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ML enthusiast. Develops in C++, Javascript, Python and Java. My links:

Hands-On Tutorials

Balancing Intuition and Calculation with MiniMax and Deep Learning

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Table of Contents:


Hands-on Tutorials

Crash course in classical and deep reinforcement learning with implementation in Python

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Table of Contents:

  • Introduction to DRL
  • Implementing DRL
  • Analyzing Results
  • Conclusion

Introduction to Deep Reinforcement Learning:

A brief introduction to applications of AI in physics engines

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No data required!

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A different approach to stock trading with machine learning

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Just for fun!

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With Playable AI generated Music Files

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Does it really improve results?

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Using the pix2pix architecture

Becker, Dan. (2017). Cityscapes Image Pairs Semantic Segmentation for Improving Automated Driving, Version 1. Retrieved December 3 2021 from

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